Reseller Web Hosting Business

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Complete web hosting solution for configuration and website design in whmcs.

  • Full WHMCS Configuration
  • Automation Settings configuration
  • Payment Gateway Setup configuration
  • Products/Services configuration (8 PAckages)
  • Connect WHM Configuration
  • Support Departments configuration
  • Database backup configuration!
  • Domain Module and TLD setup
  • WHM all clients import to WHMCS
  • Payment Getaway Integration
  • Integration whmcs Addon with API
  • Domain Registrar Setup
  • WHMCS Client Area and Client Email logo update
  • Install the theme just like the demo
  • Complete Hosting Website for Sell Hosting
  • Make Customization whmcs
  • Install WHMCS
  • Add Servers groups, Plans
  • Products/Services configuration
  • Configuration orders of email notification and reminder
  • Integrate Payment Gateway to automatic setup
  • Secure WHMCS
  • Configure the Cronjob
  • Upload Logo


We at DEV Experts are expert server administrators. Our team is well known around the world for providing affordable hosting. Run your own hosting company with well-known billing system software called WHMCS, with a fully integrated website to go with your business.

We can provide you with solutions for high-quality, fully managed server solutions or cloud-based solutions. If you are interested in this type of business, contact us today and let our consultant take you through the various steps that are required to create your own web-based hosting business. This will include the various costs that are required for this business.

We also have a partner company that can provide you with the highest top-rated security system that is a must for all web hosting companies. It’s the most powerful security system by far. Most servers are hackable if not secured correctly. Your servers will fall victim to hacks, malware, and even data breaches. Our partner company prevents all of this and provides this high-end security solution.


Demo of whmcs billing system



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