Why your business needs a Website Maintenance?

A website that is not maintained will quickly become outdated on a code / software level, it can also have an effect on your visitors’ experience with broken links, slow page loading times, and dated content giving the impression of a business not paying attention to its customer experience.

Just like your computer, technology and the environment in which it works within are changing so quickly, which means your new website can become outdated quicker than you think. Without proper maintenance your website will slowly gain new problems over time. You may need to upgrade the website code work and/or database tables for bug fixes and security reasons.

Run your Website like a Pro!

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. A website is a tool for you to inform and promote. It is an investment. With regular promotion and maintenance, your website shelf-life can be greatly increased over that of an un-kept site… therefore increasing the return on your investment!

We will remove the hassle and fazzle of maintaining a website from you while giving you the benefits of it. With us on the back, taking care and maintaining your website, you can now optimize your business’ potential and focus on growing.

  • Reliable Update & Maintenance Support Team
  • Website Security Hardening
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Email, Chat and Phone Support
  • Content Update for Post, Page, Product
  • Mobile Responsive & Browser Compatibility Check and Fix
  • Content Update for Post, Page, Product
  • Malware Protection and Cleanup Service
  • Optimize Website Performance
  • Fix Bug / Problems that comes with the Update
  • Website CMS, Framework & Plugins Maintenance and Update

Looking for a Website Maintenance Company to help your business? Let us help you get your website maintained! Let’s collaborate!

Web Maintenance is important to every website

Web maintenance protects your website from malware and other malicious traffic on your website.

It allows you to update your website’s content, pages and products which search engines love.

It allows your website to grow and evolve to keep with current technology.

A well-maintained website has zero downtime which could cause the loss of revenue.

Website maintenance optimizes your website performance ensuring that it is fast and stable.

Every new website we create comes with 1 year’s free Web Hosting, Email, Technical Support and a host of other essential features to support and manage your website. It also ensures that it’s running at optimum performance. This free service lasts for your first year only.

When your free period is due to expire, you’ll be able to continue your service with our DevCare package. DevCar provides all of the above services but includes additional optional upgrades and add-ons to ensure that you continue getting the very best from your website as well as providing you with more security, faster, more robust web hosting and the ability to make updates to your website quickly.

DevCare Max provides:
Domain renewal, High Speed Web Hosting, Email accounts (options available), Website Technical Support, WebAssist and WebShield.

DEvCare isn’t just Web Hosting; it offers a specialist business service to maximise functionality and performance of your website, ensuring that you are getting the very best from it at all times.

Take a look at the options below to decide which package suits you best. There are also options to choose from regarding your email requirements. Call us if you need any help in deciding!

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